Crewing Services

Crew on board is the most essential factor of all activities at sea and the key to a vessel’s safe and flawless  day-to-day operation.

MCR-Shipping B.V. offers suitably qualified and experienced full European Crew – ratings included, on a lump sum basis for Oil Chemical Tankers and any other type of vessel.

The Crew complies with the requirements of the STCW code and the International Convention on STCW.

With our preferred Partner, a well-known crewing agency in Constanta we do use modern search and selection methods to ensure that our crew not only have the required professional qualifications, but also the required personality.

All contracted crew members are additional in house trained by experienced Masters and Chief Engineers before joining an dedicated type of vessel.

We ensure  that the Crew has a common working language and a command of the English language of a sufficient standard to enable them to perform their duties safely.

Our Crewing Services are not limited to SOLAS vessels only, we do have as well experience and crew available for all types of river vessels.

If not other arrangements agreed, our provision of such crew manning services at lump-sum basis includes the following services:

  • Selecting, engaging and providing for the administration of the Crew, including, payroll arrangements and bank charges;
  • Monthly wages includes overlap days on board, officers briefing and debriefing including written reporting, providing Technical Managers is ensuring adequate documentation (checklists and Forms) as part of clients SMS/Quality System;
  • Ensuring that the applicable requirements of the  law of the Flag State in respect of rank, qualification and certification of the Crew and employment regulations as per relevant Administration – Seafarers Legislation;
  • Applying for Endorsements and authentication;
  • Ensuring that all Crew have passed a medical examination with a qualified doctor certifying that they are fit for the duties for which they are engaged and are in possession of valid medical certificates issued in accordance with appropriate Flag State requirements before signing on including an Chemical blood test;
  • Arranging  repatriation; transportation of the Crew, Hotel accommodation costs, overlap all included (provided crew managers are duly daily informed regarding vessels voyage planning). Air flight destinations are limited for air flights from and to; Constanta — Amsterdam, -Hamburg, -Southampton, -Nice, -Paris, -Stockholm and Copenhagen v.v.