For Your Business


  • Pre inspection for Tank and Container vessels.
  • Management assessments and audits as per OCIMF TMSA  Key Elements and advice concerning Risk assessments and Risk Analyses;
  • Offshore Managements assessments as per OVMSA ( Offshore Vessel Management and Self-Assessment);
  • Pre-purchase Ship Condition Surveys (S&P, Bank Risk Assessments and P&I).


  • Technical G.A.P. Analyses in the field of shipping;
  • S.M.S. System / Procedures and work instructions;
  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) & Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan (SMPEP);
  • Tailor made Procedures & Arrangement Manuals (P&A Manuals) For Chemical Tankers and Off Shore Supply Vessels;
  • Ballast Water Management Plans for General Cargo – Oil-Chemical Tankers and Offshore
  • Support Vessels;
  • Garbage Management Plans;
  • SOLAS Safety Training Manuals;
  • Fire Fighting Training – Operational & Fire Fighting Maintenance Plans;
  • Operational Oil Spill  Recovery Procedure Manual(s);
  • Operational Chemical Spill  Recovery Procedure Manual(s).